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Video Projects

This is the music video for my electronic etude "OHYEAH!" which demonstrates the use of vocal synthesis without using an actual human voice.

This is the first part of a trilogy, Music For Humans. After landing on Earth by mistake, a group of aliens hear music for the first time and try to emulate it. They are far more advanced than us on a technological level but they have much to learn about our culture.

This is the second part of a trilogy, Music For Humans. An alien is communicating with star base while on an exploratory mission. The void can have a powerful impact on a traveler and they have to trade mental and physical challenges for the excitement of discovery.

In addition to the obvious optical illusions, this video also contains the following auditory and audiovisual illusions:


Binaural beats, constant spectrum melody, Deutsch's scale illusion, the Franssen effect, glissando illusion, illusory continuity of tones, missing fundamental frequency, octave illusion, 3 types of pareidolia, Risset shepherd's tone, constant noise spectrum, perceived speech in synthesis, the McGurk effect, double flash illusion, and deep fakes


Best with headphones, there are a lot of illusions that require stereo effect

This is what insomnia is like.

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